BAC Coco Grow A & B

BAC Coco Grow A & B

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BAC Coco Grow A & B is a strongly concentrated and very complete A & B cocos nutrition for the vegetative period.

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BAC Coco Grow A & B is a base nutrient for a plants growth period, giving them the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Your plants will grow more branches that are sturdy enough to hold more weight; everything they need to start off the flowering phase on the right foot.

When growing in coco coir growing media, you need to give your plants smooth dosages of nutrients without overloading their roots – some nutrients are easily absorbed whereas others, not too much. That’s why Coco Grow A & B by BAC has the perfect balance of each necessary nutrient.

Coco Grow A & B Advantages

Plants grown in coco need a proper source of nutrients, as this specific substrate doesn’t contain any. It’s still one of the best ways to grow due to how airy it is and how much water it can retain without soaking the roots. It also drains quite quickly, allowing you to water more often and give your plants more nutrients. It also allows for beneficial fungi and bacteria that’ll keep your plants’ roots healthy.

BAC Coco Grow A & B is a fertiliser that contains some of the best minerals for plants, allowing them to grow a sturdy structure that can withstand the hefty weight of their future buds. It can be used alongside other fertilisers such as BAC Bloom Stimulator, which will help your plants to start flowering with a little push.

Dosage and how to use Coco Grow A & B:-

  • You’ll need to use water with a 0.3 EC to begin with – this can be done by combining purified water with tap water and measuring till it’s at 0.3.
  • Next, add your usual additives such as BAC Root Stimulator and then Coco grow A & B until EC is at 0.8-1.0 max.

Coco Grow A & B Composition:-

  • Nitrogen 22%
  • Phosphorus 11%
  • Potassium 24%


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