BAC Root Stimulator

BAC Root Stimulator

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Roots are a plant´s very foundation. Without them, no plant, tree or shrub can grow. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the cultivation of the best possible environment in which your plant’s root system can develop.

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To achieve this organically, we join forces with the micro-organisms in the soil. Since all these populations are directly responsible for your plant’s ability to take up nutrients, stimulating them will result in vigorous plant growth and development.

It feeds specific beneficial micro-organisms in your medium, resulting in thriving populations. These populations enable optimal absorption of nutrients through the roots. They also ensure the creation of oxygen, which they bind in the capillary.

One the one hand, this will lead to the development of sturdy root systems and subsequently to healthy plants. On the other, it will help protect your crop from soil disease.

Our organic root stimulator for plants improves the pH value near the roots, enhancing the effect of fertilisers. It also has a cleansing effect in hydroponic systems, as it prevents blockages in the drippers.