BAC Frooting Power

BAC Frooting Power

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BAC Frooting Power is a unique, high-phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps flowers to harden and expand.

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BAC Frooting Power comes in powder format and it’s made up of high quality, refined ingredients that your plants will need to be fully healthy to absorb. It’s designed to satisfy the needs of demanding growers that want to give their plants extra potassium and phosphorus; use this product alongside your other BAC base fertilizers, such as 1 Component Soil Grow.

Use BAC Frooting Power in the last 3 to 4 weeks of the bloom phase of your plants.

Only use Frooting Power for healthy plants, as it is a very powerful fertiliser that demands a lot from your plants.

Frooting Power should be used in combination with your basic fertilisers.

Never use Frooting Power in combination with a different booster.

Benefits of Frooting Power:-

  • Better and faster flowering.
  • Bigger fruits.
  • Better tasting fruits and vegetables.
  • A higher mineral and vitamin content.

Dose and How to use Frooting Power:-

  • Use 0.65g per liter of water the first and second week.
  • Use 1.3g per liter of water the third and fourth week.
  • Use EXCLUSIVELY on healthy, strong plants.
  • Use during the last four flowering weeks.
  • Add your nutrient bases first and the rest of your stimulants until EC is 1.2, then add the recommended dose of Frooting Power.
  • Never mix or use alongside other fattening products or PK products.
  • If possible use high quality water.


  • N-P-K: 0-35-23
  • Nitrogen: 0%
  • Phosphorus: 35%
  • Potassium carbonate derivative
  • Potassium: 23%
  • Potassium sulfate and phosphate derivative
  • Sodium sulphate


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