BAC 1 Component Soil Grow

BAC 1 Component Soil Grow

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BAC 1 Component Soil Grow is a highly concentrated and very complete 1 component soil nutrition for the vegetative period.

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1 Component Soil Grow by BAC is used as a nutrient base for the growth phase. In order to promote good yields, you need a good base to start them off on. This line of fertilisers has been designed specifically to be used with soil and its formula adjusts to this type of substrate to maximise its yield.

With 1 Component Soil Grow from BAC, give your plants food that is rich in macro and micronutrients which are necessary to form healthy and strong specimens. Help your plants create decent trunks covered with numerous branches that will be able to support the weight of all the buds at the end of flowering period by using this effective product.

Use it with a Root Stimulant

You can use it in combination with BAC Root Stimulator during the first weeks of growth and after each time you transplant to achieve vigorous vegetative growth.

An EC Meter should be used to further adjust BAC’s 1 Component Grow formula, but you can also follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dosage and how to use:-

Apply the required amount until you reach 0.8 mS (maximum of 1 mS) of EC in the vegetative phase. If you use root stimulator first, add the stimulator in the dose that corresponds with the plants fertiliser schedule in ml/L and then add 1 Component Soil Grow to the indicated EC levels.


NPK 17-22-24

Guaranteed Analysis:-

  • Nitrogen 17%.
  • Phosphorus 22%.
  • Potassium 24%.


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