BAC Calmag 2.0

BAC Calmag 2.0

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BAC Calmag 2.0 is a high-grade mix of calcium, magnesium, iron and natural trace elements that ensures that the extra calcium and magnesium needs of the plant can be met. Suitable for all substrates. Calmag 2.0 is exceptionally suitable for soft or demineralized water and reverse osmosis.

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BAC Calmag 2.0 is an excellent redesigned product that is now more efficient than ever, acting much faster too. As well as containing calcium and magnesium it also contains nitrogen, iron, fulvic acids and amino acids, all of which help your plant to stay green and beautifully healthy.

Thanks to its new formula it can now be used in any growing medium, whether they’re coco coir, peat mixes, rockwool, hydroponics or aeroponics. In order to get the best possible results, use this product in water with low EC levels or osmosis water.

One of the best ways to use BAC Calmag 2.0 if your plants are calcium, magnesium or nitrogen deficient is to spray it very lightly. This allows them to absorb nutrients almost immediately, reviving just a couple of hours after spraying them. This revamped product is incredibly efficient and every grower should definitely stock a bottle.

Dose and how to use CalMag V2.0 by BAC

  • 1ml/L when watering and when sprayed.
  • In order to use properly, you need an EC Meter.
  • We recommend spraying just before the lights go out and before sundown outdoors, using a pH of 6.5.
  • This product can be used to increase the EC in waters with low levels and to revive plants that are deficient in calcium, magnesium, nitrogen or iron.


  • NPK: 6-0-0
  • Nitrogen: 6%
  • Calcium: 5%
  • Magnesium: 12%
  • DTPA Iron


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