BAC Organic PK Booster

BAC Organic PK Booster

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BAC Organic PK Booster has already led to the best results in English agriculture and horticulture. This organic PK booster provides an exuberant sugar formation in your flowers. This will strongly increase the quality.

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BAC Organic PK Booster

When your plants enter the flowering stage, they require extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). This is where PK in this product’s name comes from.

Potassium strengthens the metabolism of a plant, allowing for increased sugar formation. In turn, your crop will taste and smell better and the overall health of your plants will improve. Potassium also increases the immune system of your plants.

Together with phosphorus, it strengthens the root system. By adding both nutrients during the flowering stage of your crop, your plants will develop close-knit, resin covered buds that will grow into exuberant flowers.

BAC Organic PK Booster improves taste and scent

Contrary to artificial ones, BAC Organic PK Booster is entirely natural. High amounts of trace elements and sugars enable this nutrient to join forces with soil bacteria and Mycorrhizae. The latter are fungi that have entered a symbiosis with the plants. They help increase the plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients, in this case the potassium and phosphorus. In exchange, they receive nutrients from the plant.

Contains Yuccah Extract 

Furthermore, this organic fertiliser contains yucca, which enhances the penetration of the nutrients in the soil. It also contributes to stable water management in full soil and coco.

Approved by the UK Soil Association

All ingredients in this organic fertiliser are approved by the Soil Association. This British organic certification body promotes sustainable food, farming and land use, amongst other things. Rest assured that this product only improves the balance of your soil and crop.


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