Mills CalMag

Mills CalMag

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If you live in a soft water area, your plants could be lacking calcium and magnesium. Customers using RO systems will also have a deficiency in minerals and elements which this product helps address.

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Mills CalMag will harden soft water and also provide the right amount of Ca and Mg, while at the same time it helps raise EC levels to the correct range. This will improve the overall health of plants on these systems.

Should the generous amount of magnesium and calcium found in Mills Basis A & B not be sufficient, Mills CalMag can be the solution for any deficiencies.

Calcium and Magnesium are essential for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption. Should the plant be not growing as it should, a deficiency in these minerals may be the issue if your plant has stunted growth, curl-edged leaves or leaf yellowing? Calmag ensures the plant has the additional minerals it may be lacking so it can flourish.

  • Promotes plant growth and vitality
  • Stabilizes EC levels
  • Additional levels of Ca and Mg

How Cal Mag Works

CalMag works to provide your plants with Calcium and Magnesium, which are both essential for nutrient absorption and photosynthesis. With these minerals you can stabilise your EC level, which is important to maintain in order for your plants to grow and flower efficiently.

In areas with soft water it is very important to use CalMag to harder your water, which will allow your plants to flourish successfully. Hard water helps your plants to absorb nutrients easier, which helps throughout the grow cycle.

When using Mills Nutrients Basis A + B, you will already be feeding your plants a sufficient amount of Calcium and Magnesium, but if you notice deficiencies then it could indicate that more of these minerals are needed. If this is the case, then CalMag has you covered.

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