Shogun Dragon Force

Shogun Dragon Force

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Providing a final and decisive boost to your plants before harvest, Shogun Dragon Force is an expertly formulated final flowering feed designed to be used in the final two weeks before harvest.

Availability: 250ml, 1ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr.

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Shogun Dragon Force is a comprehensive plant nutrient used during the late flowering stage. It is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the maturation process, while increasing the content of secondary metabolites. It has been shown to remobilise certain nutrients to the fruit and flowers, stimulating plant defence systems and improving the final quality of your produce.

Shogun Dragon Force forces fruits and flowers to add weight and size beyond their normal capacity as well fully ripen and fruits before harvest. Like an extra gear for your plants, this final boost can significantly improve your harvest at a time when most growth is normally slowing down.

Key features:-

  • Shogun Dragon Force replaces your Bloom nutrient and PK products during the final two weeks
  • Stimulates a ripening response to encourage plants to pack on additional yield at a point when they would usually be slowing down.
  • Ensures fruits and flowers reach their full potential.
  • Unique nutrient ratios for specific life cycle boost.
  • Fantastic value considering it replaces nutrients and PK additives completely.


Root Feed – Add at a rate of 4ml/L to your nutrient reservoir or watering can to enhance final flowering growth. Use for the final 2 weeks of flowering in place of your normal bloom nutrient and PK Warrior. Continue using alongside Sumo Boost.

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