Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot

Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot

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Happy and healthy root systems are key to increasing crop yields, quality and flavour. Root Shoot enhances and accelerates root growth allowing this to happen. Its a Natural product that is 100% derived from unique plant extracts. They are Rich in phyto-hormones such as Cytokinin, promoting faster cell growth.

Availability: 300ml, 600ml, 1.2ltr and 6.25ltr.

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There is also a special blend of vitamins and bio-stimulants that provide the perfect boost for the rapid production of roots. The combination of these stimulants work to protect and maintain an optimal root Biome (Rizophere). Nourishing this zone between the roots and substrate increases nutrient uptake whilst reducing the risk of disease.


  • Essentially It is a cocktail of biological growth stimulants
  • The key ingredient is Arctic Sea Kelp!
  • Bio-stimulants. In particular : Humic and Fulvic Acid.
  • Molasses – Food for micro life as well as your plants
  • Multi-vitamins including B1 and B5


  • Roots are the first major component of plants, there’s no shoots or fruits without roots!
  • Rapid growth of much larger & more complex root systems
  • Bio-stimulants improve nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Activates beneficial bacterias and micro life creating healthy Root Biomes
  • Vitamins are essential for plant life, promoting stress resistance and overall strength.


  • Due to the harsh environmental conditions Sea Kelp thrives in, it produces high concentrations of plant growth hormones, such as Cytokinin, Giberrelins and auxins.
  • Fulvic and Humic acid play a wide variety of important roles for plants, in particular working as carriers to increase nutrient absorption by direct transfer of nutrients from substrate to roots.
  • Beneficials protect and defend the root surface from pathogens and create added nutrition for the plant. This ensures optimal Root biome health.
  • B – Vitamins, along with many other functions, provide support and structure for root cells. They also boost the plants metabolism, helping the breaking down of nutrients.