House & Garden PK 13-14

House & Garden PK 13-14

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PK 13-14 tricks the plant into thinking there is a drought – this stops the growth cycle and forces it into flowering.

Availability: 500ml, 1ltr and 5 litre.

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Give your garden a push in the right direction and enjoy higher yields, lusher, greener foliage and sweeter, juicier fruit all thanks to those experts at House & Garden. House & Garden PK 13-14 is specially formulated to encourage rapid fruit and flower development – a must have for green-fingered gardeners looking for high yields of top-quality produce. This innovative formulation delivers potassium and phosphorous, two chemicals that will convince your plant there are drought conditions leading to a cessation of the growth cycle and encouraging the beginning of the flowering cycle. Potassium and phosphorous are crucial for the production of healthy, high-quality fruit – and can be administered in House & Garden PK 13-14 four weeks before the end of harvest.