Buddhas Tree Organicus 99%

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99%

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Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is a premium organic feed that will undoubtedly give you superb results. The single part feed is to be used in both growth and flower phases, making it easier for all kinds of growers to fit this into their feeding regime.

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Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is comprised of certified organic materials, including a small amount of citric acid within the formula to help with performance, and with no animal waste or by-products Organicus is also vegetarian and vegan friendly!

The organic base of Buddhas Tree Organicus gives your plants everything they need to show strong growth and health by aiding in the uptake of available nutrients. It gives a super clean end product and is easy to flush plants when using Organicus.

Organicus can be used within all soil, coco, mixed media and hydro systems.

How Buddhas Tree Organicus Works:-

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is a one-part, organically derived, NPK fertiliser, making it suitable for vegetarians or vegan growers who want to grow organically or veganically. The nitrogen in Buddhas Tree Organicus comes from plant matter. There’s also added molasses and rock phosphate (often called rock dust), which provides the phosphorous, as well as vinasse, which provides a source of potassium. Vinasse is a by-product of the sugar industry when refining sugar cane or beet into refined white sugar.


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