Advanced Nutrients B-52

Advanced Nutrients B-52

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Plants are able to make B vitamins from some fertilizers. However, they expend energy and nutrition to make the vitamins. When you provide B vitamins in B-52, your plant has a ready-made vitamin source easily available. This means your plant can focus on floral production.

Availability: 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 4ltr and 10ltr.

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General Information

  • The product is suitable for all growing systems and mediums including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
  • The formula is a strong additive;
  • B52 comprises organic and natural ingredients such as minerals, folic acid, humates and B vitamins. The NPK ratio stands at 2-1-4;
  • The formula is made for use during the vegetative stage.


  • The product is easy-to-use;
  • The formula improves plants health and immune system;
  • Promotes vigorous root growth;
  • Accelerates your plants’ metabolism;
  • The product is compatible with other Advanced Nutrients boosters and additives.