Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

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Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power provides the plant with a wealth of available silicon that it uses to strengthen and further fortify every cell that it produces while it is growing.

Availability: 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr and 5 ltr.

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Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is the result of years of research in to available forms of silicon that aid in plant growth.

At its most basic of levels, silicon helps to strengthen every cell wall in the plant. The advantages of this is that plants are much less susceptible to damage from pests and much less prone to the onset of diseases, like powdery mildew.

How it Works:-

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power contains the most available form of silica – a natural substance found in abundance all over the world and particularly in soil. Silicic acid is vastly superior to potassium silicate, which is used in the majority of silicon/silicate additives. Silica is used naturally by plants to strengthen cell walls, which in turn improves the integrity of their overall structure. This results in fatter stems and stronger branches that are capable of supporting more weight. This improvement in overall structure also helps to secure your plants against attacks from pests and diseases. Bugs find it hard to penetrate plant matter when each individual cell has the protective armour that silicic acid provides.

Further to having a boosted immune response, the strengthened cells promote stronger stems and branches, which can support much larger fruits and flowers.

  • Improves plant health and vitality.
  • Increases strength of stems and branches.
  • Improved resistance to pests and disease.
  • Improves levels of photosynthesis.
  • For use throughout entire growth cycle.
  • Compatible with all hydroponic media/substrates.
  • Much more stable pH than conventional silicon products.


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