BioGreen Biozym

BioGreen Biozym

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BioGreen Biozym is a high-quality enzyme additive made up of 24 main enzymatic complexes. Different coenzymes have also been carefully added to encourage high rates of enzymatic activity. 

Availability: 250ml, 1ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr.

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BioGreen Biozym

In horticulture, enzymes play a very important role. The inert material of the plant can cause many problems. By transforming the inert or residual material of the plant, the growth medium is removed from many surviving pathogenic fungi and bacteria in this type of material. nutrients released through catalysis are partly formed by nutrients directly absorbed by plants. The other released substances, including sugars, are in turn an ideal nutrient for rhizobacteria (for example).

Plant resistance increases significantly and root growth is stimulated. The decomposition of dead cells releases nutrient salts so that they can be directly absorbed by the plant. The released sugars stimulate bacterial life quickly and efficiently which, in turn, produces enzymes with a catalytic effect throughout the rhizosphere. Biozym is suitable for all types of growing media such as rock wool, earth, perlite, pu molds, coconut fiber and many more. The product can be distributed along with the nutrition of the plant.

BioGreen Biozym is enriched with several vitamins and minerals that have an important role in the transport of nutrients and cell reinforcement. 


  • A catalyst for breakdown processes associated with plant waste 
  • Stimulates microbiological life 
  • Restores balance to the soil structure 
  • Helps to promote a healthy root system 
  • Stimulates mineral absorption 
  • Environmentally safe to use 
  • No PGRs, made from 100% pure raw materials 

Tip: when flushing use BioGreen Biozym for best results.


Mixing 1 litre of BioZym is enough for 1000 litres of water.
Week 1-4 1 ml per litre.
Week 5-8 1.5ml per litre.


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