RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier (1600ml/h)

RAM Wall Mounted Humidifier (1600ml/h)


The RAM Wall Humidifier is a wall mounted unit allowing for extra floor space without sacrificing your grow room environment.

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The easy-to-use humid-stat control dial allows for a simple control system from 20% to 100% humidity. The RAM Wall Humidifier as a stand-alone product or can be used alongside a Water Filter Kit. Users in hard water areas are particularly recommended to use a water filter with the humidifier, to protect its longevity.

  • Prevent dryness in your growing environment.
  • Easy-to-use dial humidistat control.
  • Up to 1600 ml/hr output.
  • No refilling required easily connect to mains water (all fittings included).
  • Easy to use dial humid-stat control.
  • Wall mounted fitting, out the way and always ready to go.

Technical Specifications

Power Input 220-240 V AC | 50 Hz
Power Output 120 W
Max Output 1600 ml/hr