ONA Cyclone Fan

ONA Cyclone Fan


The Ona Cyclone Fan is part of all professional growers’ environmental control tools. The odour control unit is a top-quality and efficient ONA Gel Dristribution system, which runs quietly.

Fits on the 20kg ONA gel bucket only.

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The product enhances the power of the ONA odour neutralising agents and provides superior odour control even in the toughest climate conditions. The product is made for use in medium grow rooms with a surface area of up to 464 sqm. The product fits onto the ONA 20L gel tubs and eliminate unwanted smells. The product has a very low power consumption and it’s affordable. Use the Ona Cyclone fan to ensure premium climate conditions for high-performance and top-quality crops.

General Information

  • The Ona Cyclone fan is a top-quality odour control unit made for professional growers;
  • The product weighs in at 1.2 kg;
  • The capacity of the container is 20L – Pail;
  • The unit’s output is 121 cfm (cubic feet per minute);
  • The power consumption rate is 12 watts.

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