Pro Air Carbon Filters

Pro Air Carbon Filters

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Unwanted odours represent one of the biggest challenges that indoor gardeners face nowadays. Whether you are growing chilli peppers, orchids or your favourite herbs and spices, the escape of grow room odours and plant smells can become a serious problem. The only truly effective way of dealing with this issue is to use a decent, fit for purpose Carbon Filter, as part of a complete extraction/filtration system.

Availability: 4″, 5″ and 6″ (100mm, 125mm and 150mm).


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Pro Air carbon filters offer extremely high performance air-scrubbing without the price tag of other brands. They represent amazing value for money.

Activated carbon has a huge surface area thanks to the microscopic pores that cover each grain. These pores are able to absorb impurities and aromatic compounds. Pro Air Carbon filters first clean all the air passing through them, and then expel it out of the grow room.


Carbon Filter Specifications:-

  • 4″ 100x200mm (380m3/h)
  • 5″ 125x250mm (480m3/h)
  • 6″ 150x300mm (700m3/h)


Recommended Additional Purchases:-

Why not add some hanging equipment such as Jack Chain or Rope Ratchets to mount your fan/carbon filter at the top of your grow room or grow tent!

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Benefits of Carbon Filters:-

The extractor fan in your grow room removes hot, stale air and excess moisture from your grow room. Which in turn draws fresh air in, controlling the environment and replacing CO2. If you have plants that produce strong and unwanted odours, then this air will need to be filtered out first before ducting it to a point outside. Your carbon filter attaches to your extractor fan then this air gets sucked through an outer layer of mesh and through an internal layer of carbon before passing through your extraction system. It then leaves clean and free of any odours, keeping unwanted smells locked firmly inside the grow space.

Further Information:-

See our Blog for more information on the importance of air flow in the grow room environment.