Rope Ratchets

Rope Ratchets


Rope Ratchet Light Fixture Hangers allow the easy hanging of your growing environment equipment. Rope Ratchets pull tight, lock in place and will never break or slip.

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Rope Ratchet Hangers make it simple to hang large and heavy items up to 68kg in weight! Rope Ratchet Hangers are strong and height is easily adjusted in a moment.

A Rope Ratchet Hanger is a strong 1.8 metre long cord with a spring hook (carabiner) at one end and a ratchet block with an attached spring hook (carabiner) which is located along the cord’s length. The ratchet block allows cord to be pulled through it in one direction but will grip and lock the cord in place when it is pulled in the other direction. Flicking up the ratchet release lever allows the cord to go through it in either direction. The spring hooks (carabiners) make it easy to securely clip the end of the cord or the ratchet block to ceiling or tent fixtures or to items of equipment for suspension.

Rope Ratchet hangers come as a pair for securely hanging almost anything such as a carbon filter or reflector. When used as a pair, the combined weight that they can suspend is anything up to 68kg, or one can be used to carry up to 34kg. The ratchet hangers are very reliable items of equipment that are very tough and never slip.