Plant Magic 70/30

Plant Magic 70/30


Ideal for hand-watering and dripper systems, 70/30 combines premium RHP quality coco and perlite with added Trichoderma.

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Plant Magic 70/30 Coco/Perlite Mix contains 70% coco and 30% perlite, a perfect blend for drainage and aeration!

Plant Magic 70/30 combines premium RHP quality coco and perlite. The coco is triple washed to remove salts and enriched with calcium nitrate and added Trichoderma.

Coco improves nutrient uptake whilst perlite offers both excellent water retention and proper aeration, which is necessary for healthy root growth in plants.

  • Excellent drainage, but holds more nutrient than 60/40.
  • Pre-washed, pre-buffered and pH stabilised coco.
  • High levels of aeration and oxygenation.


  • Produced to the same high standards as the rest of the Plant Magic range.
  • Delivers exceptional results with an array of growing methods and systems.
  • Ideal for hand-watering and dripper systems.
  • Enriched with mycorrhizal fungi, for even faster root growth.
  • Ready to use, straight out of the bag.
  • Features excellent drainage, aeration and oxygenation. (though it will hang onto more nutrient than 60/40).
  • Features a high cation exchange capacity, encouraging the rapid uptake of nutrients.
  • Completely unfertilised, sterile, inert medium – add nutrient as required.

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