Gold Label Special Mix

Gold Label Special Mix


  • Gold Label Special Mix is made using Swedish virgin white peat of the highest quality.
  • The peat is cut into a coarse structure and mixed with only the highest quality perlite, Swedish clay, lime, minerals, trace elements and organic fertilizer.
  • Special Mix contains nutrients for almost a complete crop cycle.

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Formulated with superior-quality Swedish virgin white peat, Gold Label Special Mix Soil comes in a 50-litre bag and is a complete mix that’s ready to use, suitable for all your plants. Super-absorbent, one gram of this soil can absorb an astounding 10 grams of water! Coarse structured peat is mixed with high-quality perlite, lime, Swedish clay, minerals, organic fertiliser and trace elements to provide nutrients for a complete crop cycle. Nourish your crop the natural way with the only soil mix you will ever need – Gold Label Special Mix!

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