Omega Infinity 1000W 3.0 Pro LED

Omega Infinity 1000W 3.0 Pro LED


Introducing the Omega Infinity 1000 3.0 Pro, a revolutionary 10-bar LED system meticulously crafted for growers. Engineered with your plants’ needs at the forefront, its precise PPFD distribution ensures optimal light coverage for unparalleled growth. Witness robust, vigorous plants yielding bountiful harvests of fruits and flowers. Elevate your cultivation experience with the Omega Infinity 1000 3.0 Pro

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Omega Infinity 1000W 3.0 Pro LED

Emphasizing Control

Equipped with full dimming capabilities, the Omega Infinity offers a 4-level control system to adjust the brightness of each LED strip, granting you complete control over light production in your grow space.

Optimal Light Distribution

Featuring an impressive efficacy of 3.0 μmols/J, the Omega Infinity guarantees efficient light distribution for your plants. With a PPF of 3099 μmol/s, it assures remarkable results and substantial yields in fruiting and growth.

When to use Omega Infinity?

You can use the Omega Infinity across the entire life cycle of your plants. The appeal of this LED is that it has a fully optimised spectrum of light. It is suitable for all plants in your grow space.From beginning to end this versatile LED light will give you the results you need to produce the very best blooms.

Key Features:

  • Brilliant 3.0 μmols/J efficacy
  • High-intensity 3099 μmol/s PPF output
  • Clear glue protection cover technology on all LED strips
  • Cost-effective and cool operation
  • 60,000 hours lifetime
  • UKCA, RoHS, and CE certified
  • Water-resistant to IP65 standard

Items Included

What is inside the box? Get more information on what you get with your Omega Infinity:

– 2 X end frame A & B

– 10 x 3.0 LED bar

– 1 x 1000W LED driver

– 1 x support frame

– 2 x metal hangers

– 1 x dimming controller

– 1 x driver tray

– 1 x spirit level


Height:51mm | Length: 1181.2mm | Width: 1091mm
Pack Quantity: 1 | Box Quantity: 1