DimLux Xplore Series 800W LED

DimLux Xplore Series 800W LED


DimLux Xplore Series 800W LED

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Discover the DimLux Xplore Series 800W LED, setting a new standard in price-to-performance ratio. Crafted with a precise blend of full-spectrum white and red LED diodes, this fixture delivers the perfect spectrum for all growth stages. Experience unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in your indoor garden with the DimLux Xplore 800W LED.

General Information

This fixture emits a high ratio of blue light, promoting tight and compact vegetative growth while enhancing morphogenesis and light uptake. The red light component is tailored for flowering, contributing to high yields and superior quality harvests.

Fixture Dimensions: 110.5cm x 106.7cm

Ballast Dimensions: 12cm x 39cm


  • Perfect Spectrum for All Phases of Growth: Achieve exceptional results from vegetative to flowering stages with the unique light spectrum.
  • Adjustable Digital Driver: The Xplore 800W Digital Driver allows for precise dimming control, offering settings of 320W, 480W, 640W, or 800W.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install: Hang the fixture using Rope Ratchets for effortless installation. Adjust the height as your plants grow.
  • Expandable Light Spectrum: Enhance your lighting setup with matching UV-A and Far-red add-ons, available in different versions to cater to specific applications and achieve maximum effect when used in combination.

How to Use

Mount the DimLux Xplore Series 800W LED securely in your grow space, ensuring proper ventilation and accessibility. The driver can be connected directly to the fixture, or positioned remotely if necessary. Use the Maxi controller or dim button to adjust the light intensity, selecting from 320W, 480W, 640W, or 800W settings to optimise light output. You can tailor your light by adding  supplementary UV-A and Far-Red add-ons depending on your specific requirements.