Lightwave T5 Propagation Light Unit

Lightwave T5 Propagation Light Unit

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Ideally used for propagation and early vegetative growth the Lightwave T5 propagation unit boasts 4450 pure lumens of light for each lamp and still maintains a low heat output allowing plants to be placed up close to the lamps and enabling them receive the full power of the T5 tubes.

Availability: LW22-HO, LW24-HO, LW44-HO and LW48-HO.

See main description for model specifications.

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Two, four and eight lamp units are available ranging from 48 watt to 432 watt versions, all units are fitted with either 2 or 4ft, T5 blue 6500K fluorescent tubes which are proven to deliver more lumens per watt than any other fluorescent lamps.

Model Specifications:-

LightWave T5 LW22-HO

2ft 2-tube – 48w (2 x 24w tubes included) 600 x 230 x 60 mm.

The smallest model – ideal for lighting a propagator – or a shelf of houseplants.


LightWave T5 LW24-HO

2ft 4-tube – 96w (4 x 24w tubes included) 600 x 370 x 60 mm.

A wider unit – will cover 2–4 standard propagators.


LightWave T5 LW44-HO

4ft 4-tube – 216w (4 x 54w tubes included) 1190 x 365 x 60 mm.

This longer unit will illuminate up to half a square metre with brilliant plant-friendly light.


LightWave T5 LW48-HO

4ft 8-tube – 432w (8 x 54w tubes included) 1190 x 640 x 60 mm

This is the big one, designed to cover a full 1.2 metre square of useful propagation area and support hundreds of new young plants.