House & Garden Multi Zyme

House & Garden Multi Zyme

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House & Garden Multi Zyme is a collective term for a wide range of useful enzymes, which are very important for the plants to metabolically exchange their plant sugars. Enzymes are small catalysts that trigger these processes and keep them in tune with the plant’s growth rate.

Availability: 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr.

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Boost your plant’s natural defences and help promote healthier, stronger growth with House & Garden Multi Enzymes. Plants use enzymes for all sorts of important processes, including photosynthesis, and so a healthy source of enzymes is critical for vigorous growth and high yields. House & Garden Multi Enzyme is packed full of not only enzymes and co enzymes but also vitamins, humic acid and proteins. This innovative, plant-friendly product will encourage a strong root system, helping to rid sickly and dead roots, and will counter the damaging effects of stress, all thanks to the healing power of multi enzymes! House & Garden Multi Enzymes is best used during the first five weeks of a plant’s growth cycle, two weeks after planting out when the plant begins to develop its resistance to disease.