GSE LCD EC Fan Controller (For two external fans)

GSE LCD EC Fan Controller (For two external fans)


This EC fan controller with LCD display, keyboard and power led allows a very easy setting and reading of all the information given by the fan such as actual set speed, temperature, humidity day/night, negative pressure of the intake fan and rounds per minute of the exhaust fan. A built in light sensor in the probe recognize day/night modes.

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The EC fan controller comes with power adaptor 1m cable, a 4m sensor cable and 2x 4m fan cable including all connectors 4pole 3.5mm jack. It ready to use. You can program 15 individual settings with only three buttons.

  • Temperature day
  • Temperature hysteresis day
  • Humidity day
  • Humidity hysteresis day
  • Minimum speed day
  • Maximum speed day
  • Temperature night
  • Temperature hysteresis night
  • Humidity night
  • Humidity hysteresis night
  • Minimum speed night
  • Maximum speed night
  • Negative pressure setting
  • Switch sensor level
  • Switch over time day/night

LCD display:

  • Graphic and digital display of speed rpm constant
  • Temperature display constant
  • Humidity display constant
  • Set point selectable not constant, over input keys