GSE Controller – Temperature & Min Max Hysteresis Speed

GSE Controller – Temperature & Min Max Hysteresis Speed


The fan controller keeps the temperature constant and features controls for minimum and maximum fan run speed and hysteresis settings.
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GSE Temperature & Min Max Hysteresis Speed Controller. The Ideal temperature for your plants to thrive is around 20-22c.

Temperatures above 28-30C are detrimental to your plants’ health and growth will slow down considerably.

Humidity requirements vary through a plant’s life but as a general guide in vegetative growth aim for around 60-75%, reducing this with the onset of flowering to around 50-55%.

This product is carefully chosen selection of products to help with monitoring and maintaining these desired parameters.

The digital fan controller is a temperature dependent speed controller for rooms with air flow in and out. The fan controller keeps the room temperature constant and under pressure to prevent odour from escaping. It can be easily controlled, adjusting the required temperature, minimum speed and the pressure of your room on four knobs. This fan controller can by used also as only air out regulator on two fans if there is a nature way of air in.

The controller comes as a finished part and is ready to use. This reliable fan controller comes complete with a sealed water resistant cover, plugs with flap-lids and a low voltage sensor making it perfect for humid rooms. The sensor comes with a 4 metre long cable and can be extended up to 50 metres.