Co2Tabs Co2 Tablets

Co2Tabs Co2 Tablets


Growth Technology’s CO2 tabs offer growers a revolutionary and very powerful product, aimed at all growers using any growing medium. The tablets have been designed to replace complicated and quite often expensive CO2 fertilising systems.

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CO2 tabs offer the carbon dioxide directly to the roots of your plants and significantly increase the speed of growth, it is essential that you use the tabs wth healthy plants, this is beacause only healthy plants are able to effectively use the extra CO2 for growth. A side affect can a shortage of magnesium, this is due to the high speed of growth. To prevent this deficiency 1.2% magnesium sulfate has been added to the tablets. To use simply add one tablet per 250 litres of water, If you want to add the CO2 Tab instantly, first dissolve it in a cup of water (gently crush the tablet with your finger in the water) and mix in. Apply twice weekly for optimal results.

Bottle contains 60 tablets.