GHE FloraNova Bloom

GHE FloraNova Bloom

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FloraNova Bloom comprises a unique blend of organic and natural ingredients, made specifically for explosive blooming. The fertiliser contains trace elements and micronutrients, which strengthen your plants during the flowering and fruiting stages. The nutrient increases the production of natural sugars, terpenes and essential oils for optimised fruiting.

Availability: 473ml (1 Pint), 946ml (1 Quart) and 3.79ltr (1 Gallon).

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GHE FloraNova Bloom

With GHE FloraNova Bloom your plants will deliver denser flowers and heavier fruits. The formula also accelerates the blooming phase and improves your plants’ immune systems. With FloraNova Bloom you’ll achieve top-quality crops and increased harvest yields.

The most hightly concentrated true 1-part liquid nutrient on the market!

The unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives including humic extracts, is concentrated using patented technology: a very small amount of NovaMax® goes a very long way and works well with any plant type.

General Information:-

  • General Hydroponics – FloraNova Bloom is a base nutrient;
  • The formula is suitable for all growing mediums and systems including hydroponics and soil;
  • The product comprises a unique mix of natural ingredients and humic acids for increased blooming;
  • FloraNova Bloom is made for the flowering and fruiting phases.


  • The product is extremely soluble and your plants can easily absorb it;
  • Delivers top-quality nutrients;
  • Improves your plants’ immune systems so they can fight against pests and diseases;
  • Increases the production of natural sugars, essential oils, and terpenes;
  • Ensures denser and larger flowers;
  • Delivers tastier and sweeter fruits;
  • Growers use FloraNova Bloom with other General Hydroponics nutrients and additives.


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