GHE FloraGro

GHE FloraGro

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FloraGro is a premium fertiliser and an integrating component of the 3-part Flora series of nutrients. FloraGro sustains and encourages rich root development and foliar growth.

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GHE FloraGro

GHE FloraGro compromises a dynamic formula, which adapts to your plants’ needs to ensure optimum growth. The formula is made at the highest General Hydroponics nutrients standards and includes top-quality ingredients. The fertiliser ensures lush harvests, rich root branching and it’s suitable for use with other General Hydroponics nutrients and boosters.

The Flora series is a 3-part nutrient where you use the FloraGro, FloraBloom and FloraMicro in combination and in differing proportions throughout plant life-cycles. These are the nutrients NASA use on the international space station. We can recommend Flora to the more experienced grower looking for that something extra. Be sure to order all 3 parts as they work in combination with one another.

General Information:-

  • FloraGro is suitable for growing plants in hydroponic systems or soil;
  • The nutrient is part of the 3-part Flora nutrients series;
  • The fertiliser comprises natural and organic ingredients such as Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus.
  • The product is made for the vegetative and mid-blooming stages;


  • Plants can easily absorb FloraGro thanks to its increased solubility;
  • Promotes rich root development;
  • Improves plants’ immune systems;
  • Increases nutrient uptake;
  • Strengthens your plants and ensures optimum development;
  • Made at the highest General Hydroponics nutrients quality standards.


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