Gavita Pro 630e CMH

Gavita Pro 630e CMH

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CDM fixtures produce spectrums that are much closer to natural sunlight than HPS lighting, delivering healthier plants and exceptional growth rates. Gavita Pro CDM fixtures combine these attributes with the build-quality and attention to detail that you’ll find in all Gavita hardware.

Availability: Comes with a choice of bulbs.

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Suitable for Gavita Master Controllers

Gavita’s CMH ballasts can be remote controlled by their Gavita Master Controllers. CMH lamps can not be dimmed without deterioration of the light maintenance over time, and restart problems. However, the CMH fixtures are equipped with a Repeater Bus connection so they can be integrated in a HPS solution and use the Master controller timing control and safety features.

  • Produces full-spectrum light that mimics the sun, which delivers excellent growth rates
  • Twin lamp model
  • Complete fixture that includes lamp, ballast and reflector
  • Professional level horticultural lighting converted for domestic use
  • Philips lamps available for vegetative growth (942) and flowering (930)
  • Multiple units can be daisy chained and automated using EL1 and EL2 Master Controllers
  • Compatible with the Master Controller’s ‘Auto-Dimming’ feature (switches one lamp off when temps get too high)
  • Lamps last for a full year before they start to degrade in output
  • Weighted for a perfect balance between its two hanging points
  • Passively cooled ballast with optimised thermal management

Available with a Philips 942 or 930 Agro Bulb

We recommend the 4200° Kelvin CDM Elite 942 for supplemental light and vegetative cycles. The 3100°Kelvin CDM Elite Agro 930 Agro is most suitable for generative cycles and stand-alone use. The 930 Agro has added red light in the spectrum which results in higher efficiency.