CFL Lamp Holder (E40) with Plug

CFL Lamp Holder (E40) with Plug


CFL Lamp Holder (E40) with plug for hanging CFL lamps vertically.

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The CFL Lamp Holder (E40) with plug is a simple CFL lighting hanger for use with Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL’s), or any E40 lamp that requires direct connection to 240v mains.

The light unit comprises of an E40 lamp holder attached to a mains cord with a reflector not required. The best method to use for supplemental lighting is to hang them between your plants. The CFL Lead & Lampholder can also be used to suspend a CFL above plants as a main growing light, but we would strongly recommend using a suitable reflector.

Used to ‘hang’ CFL lamps alongside or in between your plants to provide efficient and very effective supplementary lighting. CFL’s do not generate excessive heat and if you should touch them they won’t burn your hands.

The CFL Lamp Holder comes with a 4 metre cable and UK plug.

Please note: CFL Lamp Holders are only for use with CFL bulbs, do not put HPS sodium or metal halide lamps in this product unless you know what you are doing and are planning to wire it into a ballast or powerpack.

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