Canna Terra Professional

Canna Terra Professional


CANNA Terra Professional is a top-quality soil mix, which comprises increased levels of Nitrogen. Crops grow best in grow media, which is rich in Nitrogen. The potting mix comprises granulated peat moss, black peat, and perlite.

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The product delivers an ideal, airy, and moist rooting environment. It contains top-quality organic ingredients, which promote strong root development and tick stems. The product is completely fertilised and no added fertilisers are needed during the first 2 weeks of use. Growers use the product with BioCanna and Terra nutrients.

  • CANNA Terra Professional is a high-performance potting mix;
  • The soil mix comprises increased levels of Nitrogen, which offer an exceptional grow media for strong and healthy crops;
  • The potting mix comprises black peat, perlite, and peat moss;
  • The product promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the root zone, which improve your plants’ immune systems and increase nutrient uptake;
  • The product is suitable for the vegetative and blooming stages.

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