Canna Start

Canna Start

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CANNA Start is a top-quality and high-performance base nutrient designed for the germination phase. The formula delivers macro and micronutrient for a seedling or a cutting to grow healthy and strong.

Availability: 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr.

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Canna Start – The product is made for use with a variety of substrates such as Rockwool plugs, Jiffy plugs, seedmixes, and coco pellets. It’s not suitable for clone machines or recirculating systems. Growers use the product to achieve increased harvest yields and top-quality crops.

Advantages of CANNA Start:-

  • Only one bottle needed. CANNA Start is a complete one-part nutrient, meaning it contains all the needed elements in one bottle (no A and B versions needed)
  • Reduces the risk of overfeeding. Cuttings and seedlings have different needs than established plants. A normal nutrient for the vegetative stage is not suitable for cuttings and seedlings because you run the risk of overfeeding.
  • Reduces the risk of plant material turning yellow. Diluting a vegetative nutrient to make it more suitable for cuttings and seedlings isn’t the answer. Such a dilution doesn’t contain enough micro and macro elements. This causes yellowing of the plant material; not a good start for your crop. To ultimately achieve strong, healthy plants at the end you have to start off right at the very beginning. That’s why CANNA developed CANNA Start; to get the exact ratio of all nutritional elements, right for cuttings and seedlings.

CANNA Start is perfect for growers who:-

  • Grow from seeds
  • Take their own cuttings
  • Put the seedlings or cuttings in small pots first, before transplanting them into the final medium

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