Buddhas Tree Coco A & B

Buddhas Tree Coco A & B

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Buddhas Tree Coco A & B is a high-performance 2-part base nutrient, made for growing plants in coco substrates. It comprises the essential micro and macronutrients to ensure optimum crop development.

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Buddhas Tree Coco A & B

The formula is designed for use during the growth and blooming phases. Buddhas Tree Coco A & B strengthens your crops and increases nutrient uptake. Growers use the nutrient with Flower Burst to ensure smooth transitioning into the blooming stage. The formula is optimized to ensure top-quality crops, which deliver large and dense flowers.

  • Specifically tailored to the characteristics of cocos substrates.
  • Highest of quality base nutrient, designed and developed by industry titan Buddhas Tree.
  • Rich in high-value elements, and highly versatile.
  • Can be used for both the growth and bloom cycles of plant’s development.
  • Easy to use, without any added fuss of needing other nutrients.
  • Uses chelated nutrients for better nutrient absorption and uptake.


If using Coco A & B with no additives then please follow the usage guidelines illustrated on the bottle as follows:-

2ml A + 2ml B mixed in 1 litre of water for young plants. 4ml A + 4ml B mixed in 1 litre of water for established plants. Always add water to A mix before adding B mix and never mix directly together ensuring both bottles are shaken well before use.


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