BAC Organic Grow

BAC Organic Grow

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BAC Organic Nutrients for plant growth are especially developed to meet the needs of your crop during the vegetative stage of a plant.

Availability: 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr.

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BAC Organic Grow is a 100% natural fertiliser designed for the vegetative phase, which will give your plants all the necessary nutrients they require for vigorous vegetative growth from seeds until the flowering phase begins.

With BAC Organic Grow, you will be able to give the best organic nutrients to your beloved plants, thus growing healthy and strong plants, capable of holding lots of flowers when in bloom. You’ll be able to grow some thick stalks and lush leaves thanks to this fantastic fertiliser, which leaves no doubt that it is one of the best on the market.

Using these highly concentrated organic plant nutrients will result in:-

  • A sturdy plant structure.
  • A strong root system.
  • Proper preparation for a strong, vigorous crop.

Organic Grow – How to Use:-

Organic Grow by BAC can help you grow incredibly enormous buds on your plants; it’s hard to believe that it only contains natural ingredients. Make sure to not overdo organic fertilisers, as they tend to stick around in the substrate. Watering with unfertilised water should be done at least once a week, so that the remaining nutrients are diluted and absorbed, thus avoiding excess nutrients.

  • Add 2 to 5ml per litre of water, starting with 2ml at the beginning and ending with 5ml at the end of the vegetative stage. Then substitute for a blooming fertiliser, such as BAC Organic Bloom.

Composition of Organic Grow by BAC:-

  • Alfalfa food.
  • Mixture of sugar molasses.
  • Kalivinasse.
  • Organic Thinner.
  • Stone meal.
  • A balanced amount of trace elements.


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