BAC Amino Complex

BAC Amino Complex

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BAC Amino Complex contains a high concentration of free amino acids, fulvic acids and plant extracts. If the plant shows any symptoms, the dose and frequency of use may be increased.

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BAC Amino Complex contains quite a high amount of amino-acids that are in charge of stimulating your plants’ internal processes, increasing sap and nutrient flow. This will allow your plants to feed much better, transporting nutrients from branch to branch. You’ll be able to notice growth almost right away. It also contains peptides which are chains of amino acids, as well as fulvic acids and plant extracts.

It’s used by spraying it on the leaves, so there’s no need to soak your substrate with fertilisers – simply apply 2-3ml per litre of water and spray it straight onto your plants. An important factor to keep in mind is that you should always spray when there’s no light; so do it when the lights are off and right before the sun goes down outdoors – water drops can act as a sort of magnifying glass and can end up burning the leaves when left in the sun. You’ll need to use it at least four times a week – if your plants are incredibly weak, you can increase the dosage.


It is advisable to use the BAC Amino Complex when crops need a physiological stimulus, for example during the early vegetative cycle, when plants have enough leaf mass.

Amino Complex ingredients:-

  • Amino acids free L-a: 15%
  • Total amino acids: 22%
  • Total nitrogen (N): 3.7%
  • Organic Nitrogen (N): 3.7%
  • Organic Charcoal (C): 15%
  • Fulvic Acids: 3%
  • Herbal Extracts: 15%
  • Ashes: 4.2%
  • Chlorine (CI): 0.1%
  • Organic matter: 25%
  • Dry matter:> 35%
  • specific: 1150kg/m3
  • PH: 5.8


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