Wilma Large 4 Pot Systems

Wilma Large 4 Pot Systems

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The Wilma systems are excellent and easy to use grow systems, compatible with all growing media. This dripper system is suitable for both beginner and professional growers. The unit is available with a range of pot and system sizes and capacities. A Maxi-Jet pump is included in the unit. Thanks to the low profile of the unit, you can use it in restricted spaces. It’s suitable to use with coco coir, clay pebbles, rockwool, and soil.

Availability: 11 litre and 18 litre pots.

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Wilma drip irrigation systems are designed to provide high yields in as simple a way as possible.
Available in a range of sizes to suit the modern grower, the Wilma system has been developed to include:

  • Improved spacing between pots
  • A handy nutrient mixing tap
  • Easier access to the reservoir
  • The kit includes a reservoir, a maxi-jet pump, top trays, drip-lines, distribution piping, flood drippers and arrow drippers;
  • Growers can choose between 2 capacities such as the Wilma Large 4 Pot x 11 Litres 50 Litres tank and the Wilma Large 4 Pot x 18 Litres 50 Litres tank. The pots’ bases measurements are 75 x 75 cm;
  • Ensures a highly-oxygenated growing environment for your plants;
  • You can add a timer to time the feedings.