Tornado Box Fans – Two Inlets / One Outlet

Tornado Box Fans – Two Inlets / One Outlet

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Tornado Insulated Box Fans provide extreme levels of air movement whilst reducing the level of ambient noise in your grow room. Housed in MDF wooden panels which are covered in acoustic foam, these fans effectively dampen any vibrations – meaning that they produce far less noise than conventional fans.

Availability: 6″ (150mm) to 12″ (315mm) Various Airflow Rates.

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These fans have two inlets and one outlet.

Acoustic box Fans are used to move air into your grow room or extract from your grow room. By doing so this will be replenishing co2 around your plants is an essential part of the process of photosynthesis.

As carbon dioxide is used by plants and levels in the atmosphere become depleted, air in the room needs to be replaced. If stale air is not removed from the grow area, moisture quickly builds, raising humidity and triggering problems with mould and rot.

Duct fans also tend to be used in conjunction with carbon filters to remove unwanted smells, as air is drawn through layers of charcoal and cleaned to remove odours before it reaches its exit point.

  • Moisture resistant MDF panels to increase your box life.
  • Hanging spacesaver option available to increase your grow potential.
  • Maximum noise reduction.
  • Torin Sifan Fan.
  • Roll top flange spigot to make connecting any ducting easier.
  • U.K. Manufactured, quality in a box.
  • PU and Screw assembled.
  • Integrated Lead.
  • CNC precision cut.

Box Fan Ampage:-

  • 2500m3/h – 2.5 amps
  • 3250m3/h – 5.7 amps
  • 4250m3/h – 6 amps