ROOT IT Rooting Gel 150ml

ROOT IT Rooting Gel 150ml


Root!t Rooting Gel. Give your cuttings the best start possible with this essential new cutting compliment which is specifically formulated for use with propagation plugs but is still usable with other growing media.

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ROOT!T Rooting Gel is placed directly into the centre of the plug which forms a seal around the cutting. This supports nutrient uptake keeping the moisture at perfect levels and reducing the possibility of disease. As well as working with rooting sponges, rockwool plugs, peat plugs, coco coir plugs, fibre or compost.

ROOT!T Rooting Gel is a revolutionary product that has replaced the need for traditional hormone rooting powder.  This gel contains no hormones and relies on a physical mode of action to work.

Propagating from cuttings is an asexual reproduction that produces genetic copies of your original plant. Not only are you assured of a great plant but it is also the most cost effective way of propagation.

With the handy bottle tip, this gel can be used with stone wool plugs, peat plugs, coco coir fibre, compost and soil. However, for best results we recommend using with Root Riot Propagation Cubes. This unique gel helps seal around cuttings helping to prevent infection and dehydration.

Always use sterile tools when taking cuttings. ROOT!T Rooting Gel is suitable for use with ornamentals, soft wood and hard wood plants. It is also suitable for leaf and root cuttings.

Ensure cuttings are immediately placed into the gel and media of choice to avoid wilting and to keep the flow of auxins (growth hormones) moving down the stem to initiate root growth.

  • ROOT!T – a recognised name in propagation
  • Made in the UK
  • Helps the natural root development of cuttings
  • Ideal for cuttings
  • Accelerated rooting times
  • Develops healthy root systems


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