IWS Oxypot V6 Veg – 70 Litre

IWS Oxypot V6 Veg – 70 Litre


The Oxypot V6 Deep Water Culture (Bubbler) system is ideal for growing up to six plants in the vegetative phase prior to transplanting into other Oxypots for flowering/fruiting. It is also perfect for growing larger amounts of small plants from start to finish!

Includes Air pump and Air Stones.

Item available for collection in store only!!!

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Item available for collection in store only!!! Too big to post!

Plants sit in mesh baskets filled with clay pebbles with their roots suspended in the DWC tank where 4 air stones create a constant stream of bubbles oxygenating the nutrient solution. The roots have access to all the feed and oxygen they need helping them to grow quickly and develop a huge root mass. There’s no timer to set and no complicated assembly – set it up and leave it!

So simple to use and with the benefit of a large reservoir tank requiring fewer top-ups than individual single plant Oxypot’s.

  • Air pump
  • Air stones
  • All tubing/fittings
  • Fast growth
  • No timer- Plant-up and leave it
  • Large healthy root mass
  • Pots can be turned under lights
  • Easy access to the reservoir. Check nutrients quickly and easily