Opticlimate Pro 3 Series

Opticlimate Pro 3 Series

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The Opticlimate Pro 3 ensures that you can grow your crops in the best conditions throughout the entire year. It’s a fully integrated climate system, which provides a controlled environment for optimum plant development.

Availability: 3500 Pro 3, 6000 Pro 3, 10000 Pro 3 and 15000 Pro 3 models.

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The closed loop system guarantees that humidity and temperature levels are maintained within the perfect range. The built-in dehumidifying, cooling, filtering, and heating systems ensure an optimized grow environment for your crops. The water-cooled unit eliminates the requirement for a large extraction system. The unit has low energy consumption and offers increased wattage available for lighting.

General Information

  • The unit comprises a closed loop system, which ensures that perfect humidity and temperature levels are maintained;
  • Independent of the weather conditions, the system provides a controlled environment;
  • The unit includes a water cooled system to regulate high temperatures;
  • It reduces moisture levels and dehumidifies the grow room;
  • The system includes a cool-down and pre-heat function to ease crops into night and day cycles;


  • The system is easy to use;
  • The unit creates a perfect microclimate in the grow room;
  • The system includes ceramic heaters to regulate low temperatures;
  • The unit has low energy consumption;
  • It’s almost silent;
  • The unit eliminates the requirement for a large extraction system;
  • Growers can connect the system to an alarm;
  • It’s made for use outside and inside the grow room;
  • It operates using a single water supply and it generates usable water to fill your tank.

The Science

The unit ensures air conditioning for the grow room and maintains perfect temperature and humidity levels during night and day cycles. The unit comprises 1500w ceramic heaters and a water cooled system. Opticlimate draws air through the carbon filter panel with a squirel cage fan. The air is conditioned to match the specifications defined by the grower and ejected through the outlet, where it can be directed towards the canopy. This way, you’ll maintain a controlled environment to achieve top-quality crops and huge harvest yields. The system works based on a supply of cold water. It’s easy to install and set up.

How to Use

Unless you are an expert in plumbing or electrical wiring, don’t try to install the Opticlimate yourself. Instead, hire a skilled professional. Choose where you want to install the unit to find out if you require additional parts. You can mount the unit at the top of the grow room, away from any lighting. The climate system will intake hot air, treat it, and eject it at the right humidity and temperature levels. The air intake isn’t made to be installed with ducting, which may cause problems if you decide to install the unit outside of the grow room or close to the floor. When installing the unit, refer to the manual instructions.

You must:

  • Use a magnetic water valve, a filter, and connect your pipework to the water inlet of the unit. The unit’s fittings are compatible with 15mm pipework;
  • Connect the drain to the unit’s water outlet using a pipe with an external diameter of 15mm;
  • Open the unit’s front panel to access the electrical compartment and connect a power cable to the terminal strip. Create two wiring loops;
  • Wire the previously installed magnetic water valve to the unit;
  • Connect the white plug to the unit as shown in the manual and secure the other end underneath the unit;
  • Hang the light sensor/ humistat and the temperature probe;
  • Connect the tether to the controller unit and program the system. Use a Patrice box for the controller.