Omega infinity 3.0 pro led 600w

Omega infinity 3.0 pro led 600w


Omega infinity 3.0 led light

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The Omega Infinity 3.0 Pro delivers an enormous 3.0 micromoles of lighting output for every watt of electricity consumed – putting it beyond almost all of the competition and generating a total PPF of 1890!. And, somehow, the team at Omega have managed to cram this performance into a fixture that comes in at one of thelowest price-points of any spider-style fixture, giving you industry leading performance at a budget price-point.

The Infinity 3.0 is also loaded with features that you’d expect from LEDs in much higher price brackets. It features a magnetic, easy-to-assemble design similar to that of the Lumatek LED; it’s rock-solid, built to last and can be up and running in seconds.

You get a simple dial controller unit that regulates the settings in 25% increments, allowing you to tailor the output to your plants’ exact requirements. If you want to control multiple units from a central point then check out the excellent Omega Matrixcontroller. It can regulate lighting patterns for up to 200 fixtures, while opening up a stack of features.

The high efficiency rating of 3.0 µmol per watt has a two-pronged effect. Not only does it generate more photons of light that your plants can use to photosynthesise, it also ensures that less energy is lost as excess heat. This makes the grow room environment very simple to control. It’s far easier to heat up a room that’s too cool than it is to cool down a room with too much excess heat. Maintaining optimal environmental conditions ensures that your plants are in the best position to make use of the Omega Infinity’s abundant lighting output. It’s not uncommon to see growers hitting yields over 1.5 times higher than their HPS equivalents, and with an increase in quality, too!

The Infinity produces a full-spectrum output that’s extremely heavy in the red areas and with plenty of blues, too (see the ‘About’ section for detailed information). The heavy reds cause fruits to explode in size as you progress through the bloom stages, squeezing out as much essential oil and weight as possible. The blues help to keep height levels down.

With a 50,000 hour lifespan, you can use this fixture for over a decade on a twelve / twelve lighting pattern! And you even get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind.