Omega Black 600w 240v Digital Ballast

Omega Black 600w 240v Digital Ballast


The Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Digital Ballast is the professional’s choice for maximising crop growth.

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For maximum yields, the 600w Omega Ballast will deliver. The very latest in cutting-edge Ballast technology, this high-quality ballast offers a dimmable power output to the bulb, which will protect the grow lamps lifetime whilst assisting to reduce power consumption – making it super-efficient. Choose from 4 dimmable options: 250w, 400w, 600w and including the super-lumen setting which increases the output to 660w.

Omega Lighting’s state of the art ballasts are ideal for powering HPS Lamps and Dual Spectrum Lamps. They offer the user the ability to control power output to the lamp, which not only protects the lifetime of the lamp, but it also helps to reduce growing costs. Increase the energy efficiency of a growing operation with this wall-mounted, dimmable, 600w Ballast from Omega.

  • Features 10% super lumen setting.
  • Uses soft start technology, with no lamp flicker or noise.
  • 30% more efficient than Magnetic Ballasts.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Compatible with High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps and Metal Halide (MH) Lamps.
  • Automatically adjusts its output frequency to maintain a constant and consistent output.
  • Silent internal fans.

Highest PAR output

This Ballast has been specially calibrated to have the highest possible PAR output (photosynthetic active radiation), which measures how much energy from light reaches the plants.

The Omega Digital Dimmable Ballast beam patterns are also incredibly uniform in order to reduce the instances of striations and hot spots that can damage plants.

Unique four-setting control

The Omega 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast features a unique 4-setting control which offers dimming options of 250w, 400w, 600w and a super-lumen setting of 660w. This fantastic boost option comes into its own in the later stages of the plant’s flowering period. All Ballasts feature a 1-metre mains lead with flying IEC lead for safety and are wall mountable. CE certified and guaranteed.

Soft start technology

Soft start technology ensures Omega’s Digital Ballast is the safest, most reliable and energy-efficient digital ballast when used alongside Omega Black Light Kits. When multiple units are connected to the mains circuit, the integrated Ignition Control software will completely balance the electrical draw by igniting one lamp at a time to prevent electrical surges and spikes that can overload the mains circuit and trip circuit breaking systems.

All dimmable 600w Omega Black Ballasts come with a double fuse system to ensure safety. Plus each ballast also comes with a built-in spare fuse. Omega 600W Digital Ballast will ensure the grow room has exactly the amount of light required at various growth and development.