NEWA Maxi MJ Series – (3 Sizes)

NEWA Maxi MJ Series – (3 Sizes)

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Maxi MJ water pumps are high quality pumps. Nutrient delivery systems are only ever as effective as the pump that’s used to power them, Serious growers use Maxi MJ water pumps. Newa Maxi-Jet pumps have been the first port of call, and there are many reasons why. In a nutshell, Maxi-Jet pumps move large quantities of liquid quietly and efficiently, and their reliability is unquestioned. If you’re looking for an effective submersible pump, then there’s really no better all-rounder than a Newa Maxi-Jet.

Availability: MJ500, MJ750 and MJ1000.

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Maxi MJ Water Pumps are fully submersible water pumps. The pumps move several hundred litres of water per hour through a 12.5mm diameter outlet point. The plastic pre-filter on these units prevent impurities from passing through the pump and on into pipe networks. This lowers the chances of blockages and improving levels of efficiency and reliability.

A good Water Pump can last you a long time and needn’t be excessively expensive. The Maxi MJ Maxi-Jet range comes in at a low price but provides you with excellent performance. The output is high but the power consumption is low, offering cost effective machines. You can use them either externally or submerged in water, and they have a waterproof rotating water outlet. Even under heavy use the pumps won’t overheat as the motor is protected, and they’re very quiet in operation. The water outlet rotates 360º and is 13mm.



  • MJ500 – 490 Litres/hour.
  • MJ750 – 670 Litres/hour.
  • MJ1000 – 1000 Litres/hour.


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