My Co2 Bag

My Co2 Bag


My CO2 Bags are a simple, affordable and highly effective way to add Co2 to your grow room.

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With the recently updated My CO2 Bag the team at My CO2 have designed with performance in mind. Having tested all the CO2 bags on the market, My CO2 Bag set about making a CO2 Bag that would perform better and last longer. They have made a bag that is 3.5kg.

The great thing about using CO2 bags as an alternative to a CO2 injection system is that My CO2 bags constantly raise the levels of CO2 in the room 24 hours a day for 6 months. This method gives the plants stable raised levels of CO2, not the highs and lows that an injection system has. The other obvious benefit is cost for a complete injection system a grower could be looking at spending £100’s and ongoing bottle refill costs on top of that.