Megapot Module 39 Litre

Megapot Module 39 Litre


The Megapot Module is the perfect accessory for those utilising grow bags. This is due to them being able to handle any excess water that may be apparent after watering.

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What is the Megapot Module?

This accessory is ideal for those using grow bags for their crops and plants. The module sits underneath the pot and provides a tray like affect to catch any excess water or nutrients that are able to pass through. From here you are able to drain them off with the handy drainage tap to the side.

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MegaPot’s system  has  been designed with hydroponic growers in mind. Their revolutionary system that is produced in the UK allows growers to enhance yields which allows you them to produce bigger crops.


  • Module
  • Valve
  • Valve Cover
  • Pipe Connector
  • 1 Metre of Pipe
  • 39ltr Fabric Pot