Maxibright Air Cooled Supernova Reflector 6″ (150mm)

Maxibright Air Cooled Supernova Reflector 6″ (150mm)


The Maxibright Air Cooled Supernova is a wide angled parabolic reflector with a highly reflective anodised aluminium insert, complete with glass cover. The built in outlets allow connect to your air-cooling system, which in turn cools down the entire reflector making it suitable for closer positioning to your plants.

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Key features:-

  • Flying IEC connection
  • One year warranty
  • Ready assembled
  • Complete with easily removable toughened glass cover & E40 lamp holder
  • Runs high pressure sodium, metal halide lamps or dual spectrum bulbs.
  • Made with quality materials
  • Excellent construction
  • Highly reflective dimpled surface
  • Parabolic reflector shape throws reflected light straight downwards
  • Closed ends for even better reflectivity and even light-spread
  • Includes glass and mounting frame. Just add a 6″ extractor kit for air-cooling
  • Ideal for use with 250w to 1000w lamps
  • Great value-for-money


Length: 17-inches (440mm)

Width: 24-inches (590mm)

Depth: 7-inches (170mm)

Hole: 6″ (150mm)