Lighthouse Zipper Door 2m

Lighthouse Zipper Door 2m


The Lighthouse Zipper Door is a stick and peel system, which offers access and lighting control for all enclosures. It’s part of the Lighthouse range of accessories. The product comprises an easy to install and high-quality zip, which uses plastic sheeting to create an access point into enclosures.

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The Lighthouse Zipper Door is a heavy duty zip which has an adhesive back. It is perfect for creating a simple, resealable access doorway in any sheeting or similar. If you have sheeting that you need to peel back to access your growing area this could be just what you need. Simply choose where you want to install a door and first and foremost give the area a good clean. This will make sure the adhesive sticks as strongly as possible to the applied surface. Next, with the zip closed, carefully remove the backing from the adhesive strip and stick it firmly in place. Now it can be unzipped and then run a knife down the length of the sheeting, which will create an opening with a zip seal!

If you want a wider opening, install another zip to one side of the first. This will create a door “flap” that you can roll up, making a larger way in. The zipper is usable from both sides which means you won’t trap yourself inside! The length of the Zipper Door is 2m which should be long enough for most gardeners! If you’re over 7 feet tall, you may need to bend down a bit! Box contains 1x Self adhesive length of zip.

What else can I use the Lighthouse Zipper Door for?

The Lighthouse Zipper Door is great for use anywhere you want to make a resealable access point in any kind of grow room sheeting or similar. Perhaps you are making a bike cover for example and need an easy way to open it. You might use it for joining 2 tarpaulins together if you need a larger sheet.

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