IWS R-DWC System – (With Timer)

IWS R-DWC System – (With Timer)

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IWS Recirculating Deep Water Culture systems are available with 4 to 24 pots. These are the next step up from standard DWC systems, Basically this kit has the benefits of DWC but super charged. The recirculating action increases air to the roots and balances pH and EC levels in every pot.

See main description for full information.

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Timer information:-

With the addition of a timer, the nutrient solution is recirculated back into the tank periodically where it mixes with the reservoir nutrient solution and then it’s pumped back into the pots again with more stable pH and EC levels.

Airkit information:-

If you choose the Airkit option you will be supplied additionally with an air pump powerful enough to power the number of air stones as per the number of pots you have selected along with air stones to suit the number of pots selected and all necessary air line.

FlexiTank information:-

  • 4 pot systems come with a 100 litre FlexiTank.
  • 8 pot systems come with a 225 litre FlexiTank.
  • 12 pot systems come with a 225 litre FlexiTank.
  • 16 pot systems come with a 400 litre FlexiTank.
  • 20 pot systems come with a 400 litre FlexiTank.
  • 24 pot systems come with a 750 litre Flexitank.

System information:-

The Grow System’s net pots hang down into misting chambers where air stones create a constant stream of bubbles in the nutrient solution to constantly irrigate the roots.

The nutrient solution circulates between the pots to keep every pot topped up with the solution and maintain balanced pH and EC.

The recirculating option constantly pumps nutrient solution between the pots.
When the solution falls to a minimum level in the control unit floats trigger a refill from the water butt.

Perfect for growers who want to:-

  • Choose pots spacing and move them around
  • Minimise media on a large scale system
  • Grow on a larger scale or add pots at a later date
  • Manage one header tank for many plants

RDWC System contains: Pro Brain (recirculating pump, drain pump, water level control, timer) FlexiTank, 19 Litre outer pots, lids, observation caps, baskets, 25mm pipe and fittings.