IWS Dripper System

IWS Dripper System

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Consistent feed distribution is the foundation of successful growing. From amateurs on allotments to vast horticultural projects, all types of growing operations are reliant on the proper management of feed. These Nutriculture IWS Dripper Systems help growers achieve exactly that with the minimum amount of hassle.

Availability: 4 pot to 24 pot systems. Choice of Culture pots, Aqua Pots or Punched Pots.

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The dripper connects a number of pots to a main controller, which is able to pump your waste nutrients safely and efficiently to a site of your choosing. The IWS Dripper Systems use DIG’s leading dripper technology, which allows mass feeding without a chaotic mess of pipes taking over your growing environment. The kits contain a minute timer for regular feeding, a FlexiTank, pots and pot stands, and the full complement of piping and standard fittings required. The systems are ideal for those looking to step up their growing pursuits while maintaining the simplicity of a smaller project.

The grower sets the frequency and duration of the feeds.

At the set times nutrient solution is pumped from the brain to each of the pots where it drips into the top of the pots.  The excess drains through the media into the catchment trays below the pots to prevent water-logging. At the end of the feed duration, nutrient solution in the catchment trays drains back to the brain and is pumped to waste when the float trigger is reached.

Each kit includes:-

  • 10ltr outer pots
  • Depending on selection Culture, Aqua or Punched inner pots
  • Drippers
  • Drainage stands
  • Root control discs
  • Minute feeding timer
  • All fittings and pipes
  • FlexiTank with MJ3000 pump
  • Brain control unit with drain pump

FlexiTank size per number of pots:-

  • 4 pot system comes with a 100ltr FlexiTank.
  • 8 pot system comes with a 250ltr FlexiTank.
  • 12 pot system comes with a 250ltr FlexiTank.
  • 16 pot system comes with a 400ltr FlexiTank.
  • 20 pot system comes with a 400ltr FlexiTank.
  • 24 pot system comes with a 400ltr FlexiTank.

Inner pot types:-

  • Culture pots are for use with soil, coco or mixed media.
  • Aqua pots are for use with clay pebbles.
  • Punched pots are for use with any media type. Punched pots require a layer of pebbles to ensure free drainage.